Edison's Concrete Piano
by Judy Wearing



If you are reading this, it must be because you are curious about the person who wrote this book, or you are looking for an indication it is worth reading.  (Or, you had an espresso too late in the day).  Though an interesting author may not be a prerequisite for a good book, here's an attempt to give you a true sense of me.




 I live on 50 acres of Eastern Ontario, Canada, a habitat I share with assorted domestic creatures: two cats, two dogs, several chickens, ducks, sheep, and dairy goats whose names all begin with M: Millie, Mabel, Myrtle, and Mini. Our scrubland and swamp is also home to the occasional black bear, a pack of coyotes, and plenty of rabbits, birds, and mosquitoes.  My wonderful husband lives here too, and together we’re restoring an old, poorly built farmhouse with our own hands. My son Jacob spends his time here reading in the hammock, riding his dirt bike, playing with the dogs, cooking, and doing card tricks. I am prone to hero worship (e.g., favorite president: Lincoln; favorite scientist/explorer: Alexander von Humboldt).  I don’t have a television, and it is a good thing because I am attracted to junk. Well, good junk, to be specific, likeBritain’s Got Talent. I am a clutz, cannot open child-proof packaging, but can put up drywall, paint, sew, and love to cook. I smile a lot and am kind, and you’d probably like me if you met me, unless over-enthusiastic, slightly flappy people are not your cup of tea.  I like to think about things – everything – and I’m insatiably curious. And I like to write it down.


A PhD in animal behavior from the University of Oxford has led to a habit of analyzing people.  A Bachelor of Education has led to teaching science in elementary, secondary, and postsecondary institutions, and the most challenging of all – teaching scientists how to teach science. My work experience includes Associate Director of a multimedia-publishing group, Director for Let's Talk Science, a science education not-for-profit organization, and Head of Product Development for an educational publisher.  I currently work as a freelance writer, contributing to science textbooks and penning children’s books. I also do consultancy work for museums, publishers, and government agencies, helping to develop content for classrooms. Hence the activities and lessons that are posted on this web site.